Frequently Asked Questions: Answers from the band


Sets & Music


How long do you play for?

We’re normally contracted to perform approx. 2-3 hours of live music during the evening, generally finishing by midnight.  This is typically 2 sets of ~60-75 minutes with one break or 3 sets with two breaks. We can alter this to fit your needs or event and can play as much or as little music as you require.

There are no hard and fast rules – the longest duo performance was one 4.5 hour set and the band has played non-stop for 3 hours!


What happens during band breaks? I don’t want everything to go quiet!

We can provide background music between sets via CDs/i-Pod. Alternatively, we’re happy to connect your i-Pod/MP3 player to our PA so you can listen to your own favourite playlist.


Do you play reception/dinner music?

Yes we do. At many weddings, we’re booked to arrive early and play background reception music. 

We’re also often booked to play during the meal and have this down to a fine art having performed dinner music for the Hilton group for 2.5 years.


How is the Play List decided?

We have a very large repertoire so putting together a ‘play’ list that’s tailored to your event won’t be a problem. We’re happy to liaise with clients or the bride & groom, inviting them to select 10-15 of their favourites from our repertoire. We’ll mix these with other numbers appropriate to the type of event/age of guests. We’re experienced enough to adapt our sets to the atmosphere and tone of an occasion.


Do you accept song requests?

Yes. Our clients are welcome to make requests from our repertoire.

Please see above for details.

If you have a first dance or special request that’s not on our Song List, with enough notice, we will do our best to perform it for you. Please remember though, certain songs may have been written for female vocals or a different band line-up. If this is the case, we’ll liaise with you to provide the best solution. We’re normally happy to learn a new song free of charge and would only levy a minimal fee if it were so obscure to be unusable for any other occasion.




What equipment and space do you need?

We can comfortably provide all the audio equipment necessary for us to play venues of about 120-150 people capacity. For larger venues /events extra PA hire can be arranged.

We can set up with just one independent mains electricity socket in the vicinity of the performance area but prefer two (i.e. not a multi-socket extension lead running from a single wall socket) If additional lighting (see below) is required, the second socket is a necessity.

If power at the event is provided by a generator, it’s the responsibility of the client /venue to ensure that it is of sufficient rating (and has sufficient cables and adaptors) to power the band safely.

We’d like approximately 5 metres x 3 metres ‘stage area’ to perform comfortably but have been known to play on an area not much larger than a postage stamp!

Given our experience of room acoustics, if there is a choice on where to position the band – we can explain where you’d get the best sound.


What about lighting?

We carry some small light boxes for stage rather than dance floor lighting. We can hire additional lighting on request.


Can we use your equipment to make speeches/announcements?

Yes, of course – we can lend you 1-2 of our mics while the band isn’t performing.


How long do you need to set up/break down?

The band will need approximately an hour to both set up and break down.

Please note, venues with difficult access points, or where the room is not at ground floor level, can increase the set up time. It would be very helpful, if you’d let us know in advance if there are access issues.


Will you set up before the guests arrive?

We like to as it avoids any disruption to your event. However, if you require the duo or band to be set up considerably earlier in the day/evening, this may incur an additional fee. We’re happy to discuss this when you make an enquiry/booking.


Does the band need to sound-check?

Ideally, yes as we want your event to go as smoothly as possible. However, we’re professionals so can ‘plug in and play’.


My venue has said I can’t have a band unless their equipment is PAT Tested and the band has full Public Liability Insurance – do you have these?

Yes. Our equipment is regularly tested and certified. As members of the Musicians Union, we have full Public Liability insurance.


Booking, Charges & Payment


How much do you charge?

As arrangements from one event to another can vary so much, we provide quotations on a per-booking basis. We can provide a duo, a 4pc band or with the addition of a sax, a 5 piece band. So whatever the budget – we’ll be able to provide great music.


How do I make a booking?

Just get in touch by either phone or email.  


How do I pay you?

We do ask for a 10% or £100 deposit (whichever is the greater on booking). We often waiver this for our returning clients.

Bank transfers are the norm but we will accept cheques in advance and even cash.


What if I need to cancel? 

We know that sometimes cancellations are unavoidable. If you do need to cancel it’s likely that we will retain your deposit. Depending on the time of receipt of the cancellation and circumstances, cancellation charges may apply.




How far will you travel?

We operate within a 125 miles radius of London. Travel costs will be itemised and included in the booking fee.

We’re happy to accept bookings from further afield in the UK & abroad by special arrangement.




Do I need to provide food for the band?

Yes please. Depending on the length of the booking, either sandwiches or a hot meal should be provided for the band. This can be discussed at the time of booking.

We do ask that the band is supplied with water or soft drinks during their performance. Singing for a few hours is thirsty work!


What will you wear?

We will take our lead from you. As a rule, our dress code for weddings and formal events is smart (or black tie if requested) going to casual for informal parties.


What are the bands car parking requirements?

In all cases, we need to be able to park vehicles close to the venue entrance at least for unloading, even if they then need to be moved further away to be parked for the duration of the event.

Where possible, providing parking for as many cars as there are band members would be much appreciated. For central London venues, we usually assume that private parking will not be available, and so congestion charge(s) and parking fees may apply and be added to the cost of our booking fee.


Can I view the band before booking?

If it’s possible by all means, but, the great majority of our gigs are for private functions and events so this can be difficult to arrange. You can see and hear the band on our Videos and Audio pages.


Will you perform free at my charity event?

We already support a small group of charities so sadly, the answer is no. Just like you, we have to pay the bills. That said, we will always try to give you our best price.


I have a question not answered on this page.

Please get in touch by any of the methods on our Contact page and we’ll do our best to help.

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